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Market Clarity: Is a Digital Avatar in your Future?

Market Clarity: Is a Digital Avatar in your Future?

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter 10 Jun 2014

In this month’s Newsletter we present findings from our latest Future Tech research. Topics include:

  • About this Month’s Future Tech 2024 Research
  • An Interview with Dr Marcus Weldon — President Bell Labs and Corporate Chief Technology Officer Alcatel-Lucent
  • An Interview with Dr Paul Brooks — Layer 10 Advisory
  • Upcoming Events

Imagine a world where literally everything is connected to the Internet, and you have a personal digital avatar that pulls together all of this information in a proactive manner to help you in every aspect of your personal and professional life. This might sound like science fiction, but not only is Bell Labs already working on a digital sixth sense, it may be available as service within 5 years!

The other topic explored in this month’s newsletter is the evolution of telecom network architecture — looking out to the year 2024.