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Custom Benchmarking

Market Clarity conducts a wide range of customised benchmarks for our customers.

Our customised benchmarks include retail and wholesale service pricing, assessment of existing contractual arrangements, and  benchmarks for related telecommunications services, processes and infrastructure. 

For enterprise customers, Market Clarity’s benchmark process provides a concise, clear and accurate position of our customer’s position in the market at a specific point in time. Market Clarity’s benchmarks are presented in an easy-to-understand format whereby both enterprise customers and suppliers can easily understand the results, providing an important input into the ongoing dialogue between customers and suppliers.

Whether you’re tendering for new telecommunications services or re-negotiating existing services, price benchmarking is a vital tool to help keep telecommunications costs under control. Market Clarity offers benchmarking for a host of retail and wholesale telecommunications services, including:

  • Voice services (traditional Fixed Voice and IP Telephony);
  • Business broadband services;
  • Business data services — covering next-generation services such as private IP, Ethernet and dark fibre, as well as traditional data services such as ATM, Frame Relay, and leased lines;
  • Mobile voice and data services;
  • Hosted services such as hosted IP PABX / IP Centrex services;
  • Managed services;
  • Telecommunications infrastructure; and
  • Unique wholesale facilities.

Market Clarity’s benchmarks can be used by enterprise or wholesale customers to renegotiate arrangements with incumbent suppliers such as when demand patterns change, or when new technology offers alternative sourcing options.

Market Clarity ensures that all participants in the benchmark process (clients and respondents) acknowledge the relevance and accuracy of the core inputs into the process. Market Clarity’s preferred benchmark methodology is to engage with our client as early in a market testing process as possible in order to obtain optimal results, and provide strategic advice on procurement related issues.

Market Clarity’s current market information, databases, GIS-based visualisation techniques, and unique analytical skills and experience ensure an accurate and professional benchmark.

Custom benchmarks are undertaken on the basis of a fixed-price quotation basis.

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