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About Market Clarity


Market Clarity: Award Winning Analyst Firm

Market Clarity is an award-winning technology analyst firm founded in 2006 by Shara Evans — an internationally acknowledged technology futurist, telecom industry expert, commentator, keynote speaker, strategy advisor and thought leader. Market Clarity provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the telecommunications and emerging technologies markets.

Our most recent research area, Future Tech, is based on ongoing interviews with thought leaders in research labs, vendor labs, telcos, start-ups, futurists and others — featuring cutting edge insights on the wide range of gadgets, technologies, and trends that will impact the world over the next 10 years and beyond.

Companies and event planners seek out Market Clarity in order to provide insight into market trends in the area of emerging technologies. This insight that Market Clarity provides supports the companies in capturing more customers, better targeting marketing campaigns, and more focused investment in research and development to support bottom line revenue.

Market Clarity’s insights have supported companies in increasing revenue so less dollars are wasted on trends that die quickly like fads. With Market Clarity’s insights, companies are able to better leverage their investment into technologies that help them make money, save money, or solve a problem.

Companies know that if they want to make money the best way to do that is to find out where the future is going and get there first. Market Clarity is the time machine that will help you see into the future.

The technologies we track includes new form factors for phones/devices, wearables, implantables, sensors, wireless technologies, holograms, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, home automation (and the many different types of Internet-connected devices within homes), smart cities, robotics, drones, cars of the future, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud services, security and privacy, and the next wave of innovation.

Market Clarity is also known for tracking telecommunications infrastructure, services and technology trends, and providing strategic advice that is based on a deep understanding of market forces and emerging technologies. Market Clarity’s extensive databases of technical and market information cover a wide range of facts and figures on the technologies and services that are shaping the telecommunications market including the ongoing rollout and implications of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Market Clarity’s GIS tools and research databases enable the correlation and presentation of highly complex information in an intuitive geographic (map) format.

By leveraging our engineering knowledge with an ongoing primary research program, Market Clarity helps our client’s harness the fast moving world of technology innovation to develop new lines of business and a disruptive competitive advantage.

Market Clarity’s unparalleled market knowledge and research databases are brought to all consulting engagements.

Market Clarity is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


Market Clarity: Winner 2016 Softech International Business Awards

award-logoMarket Clarity is delighted to have been honoured with  awards for Best Telecommunications Analyst Firm – Australia & Innovation Award for Emerging Technology Research – Australia by Softech International (UK).

The Softech – Business Awards 2016 were launched to commend leaders across a variety industry sectors.

The awards recognise the those who provide an integral service, software or technology. Softech is essential to modern life. Software develops in leaps and bounds and as it does, it becomes more integrated into our day to day, improving our quality of life.

This awards program highlights the incredible work of the businesses throughout the software and technology markets whose contributions are vital to the corporate market.


Market Clarity: Winner 2012 ACCAN Telecommunications Research Grant — Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)
Small business is one of the least understood market segments; with little representation vis-à-vis telecommunications service requirements and experiences.

Market Clarity was awarded an ACCAN research grant to investigate small business experiences with telecommunications services, covering fixed voice, VoIP, fixed broadband, mobile voice, mobile broadband and EFTPOS services.

Market Clarity’s research into the small business (1-19 staff) sector provides important information in support of advocacy on behalf of small businesses, as well as providing a wealth of information for service providers targeting the small business sector.

The full report is available for free download.

Award WinningMarket Clarity: Winner 2007 ACOMMS Award for Professional Services to the Telecommunications Industry

Market Clarity’s contribution to telecommunications in Australia was recognised by the telecommunications industry’s peak body, the Communications Alliance, which awarded the company its 2007 ACOMMS award for Services to the Industry — Professional Services.

Market Clarity is honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award. We would like to thank the Communications Alliance and Communications Day, hosts of the awards, as well as our customers.

Additional info about the ACOMMS Award is available from the Communications Alliance.

Our Mission: Helping organisations understand emerging technologies and trends early, and translating these insights into viable business strategies.