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Sponsored Research

Market Clarity research is a channel to attract sales opportunities, and position your organisation as an industry thought leader.

Market Clarity offers the opportunity to sponsor:

  1. White papers
  2. Technology guides
  3. Case studies
  4. Consumer, business or service provider research studies
  5. Seminar series

Investing in thought leadership material provides opportunities to engage with your customer base on a strategic level.

For example, very little has been done to educate the enterprise market about the implications of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The NBN is a catalyst for infrastructure and services overhaul, and Market Clarity’s ongoing research into NBN opportunities, combined with our knowledge of the Unified Communications, cloud and hosted markets, can be used as the basis for a thought leadership white paper or seminar series that describes the impact of the NBN on an enterprise’s voice and data infrastructure and service requirements (and of course, how your firm can assist its clients with these challenges).

Another major issue that enterprises are grappling with is mobility — and the intersection of mobile apps, devices and cellular / WiFi networks. Market Clarity’s leading edge work with Mobile Pulse provides us with real-world views of cellular and WiFi network performance and coverage via the use of data collected from a mobile broadband testing application that runs on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and tablets (iPad, Android, Windows).

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