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NBN Research

Please Note: This page is for Archive Purposes Only – Due to our focus on Emerging Technologies and the Unavailability of GIS Data from NBNCo

The NBN rollout will impact every home and business in Australia. Market Clarity’s research and strategic advice helps your business leverage this massive national investment.

Cloud computing is changing the business and consumer service delivery paradigm, and the NBN and mobile networks are the on-ramp for these digital services.  Shouldn’t you find out how telecom infrastructure can unlock new revenue opportunities for your business?

NBN Proximity Assessment

The continuing rollout of the National Broadband Network will have increasing importance to Australian businesses. To help businesses plan for their own transition to the National Broadband Network, Market Clarity is now offering an NBN Proximity Analysis service.

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NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis

Market Clarity has produced a standardised demographic (Census) analysis that we can apply to all NBN Co rollout areas that have published maps (current build, one-year and three-year scheduled builds).

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Understanding the Implications and Nuances of NBN Co Wholesale Pricing and POI Locations

November 2011
There’s been a lot of comment on NBN pricing, and in particular the impact of Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) pricing – ultimately resulting in NBN Co offering a discount on CVCs during the ramp up period. But, will this pricing change provide an effective mechanism for lowering the barriers to entry for RSPs, thus enabling strong retail competition?

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Market Clarity NBN Bandwidth and Price Scenario Model

August 2011
Market Clarity’s Bandwidth and Price Scenario Model calculates bandwidth and costs, and target retail prices on a POI-by-POI basis, for the full range of NBN Co Internet plans.

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Australia’s Wireless Market: Analysing NBN Co Deployment Plans

November 2010
How well does NBN Co’s planned footprint match the location and needs of Australia’s population – especially the “last 7%” that fall outside today’s proposed fibre rollout?

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