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Training and Seminars

Market Clarity offers custom-developed training on all aspects of converged telecommunications, from technology updates through to executive-level management training and keynote speeches.

Market Clarity’s latest research is the Future Tech 2024 series — based on ongoing interviews with thought leaders in research labs, vendor labs, telcos, futurists and others — covering a very wide range of topics, such as: new form factors for phones/devices, wearables, implantables, sensors, wireless technologies, holograms, augmented reality, home automation (and the many different types of Internet-connected devices within homes), drones (transport industry, spying, hacking), cars of the future, privacy, and the next wave of innovation.

Our Keynote Speaking page describes a range of our popular talks, as well as videos from keynote speeches.

Our Events page provides a list of public talks, as well as additional information on the topics that we cover.

Check out our Testimonials page to see what our clients and event delegates have to say.


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