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Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Market Clarity ‘s CEO, Futurist Shara Evans, offers custom-developed keynote speeches and workshops on all aspects of emerging technologies.  Market Clarity services include customized keynote speeches,  technology updates, interactive workshops, through to executive-level workshops and brainstorming sessions.

Shara is known as one of the worlds top futurists, and her Future Tech research covers a very wide range of topics, such as: artificial intelligence, robots, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, driverless vehicles, drones, hyperloops, space travel, jobs of the future, cutting edge medical technologies (including wearables, implantables, stem cells and genetic engineering), FinTech, home automation, security and privacy, and much more.

Our Keynote Speaking website describes a range of our popular talks including full length keynote speech videos, video blogs and TV appearances.

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