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Market Clarity regularly comments on topical issues to our newsletter subscribers, media and in conference presentations.

Market Clarity is not aligned with any Carriers, Service Providers or Systems Integrators. As such, our primary market research findings are completely objective and based on the results of extensive industry interviews, technology research, and subsequent analysis by Market Clarity’s senior consulting staff.

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Futurist Shara Evans is a leading commentator on telecommunications and technology, and is regularly sought by print, online, radio and television media to provide topical insights.

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Media & Event Enquiries

Market Clarity welcomes press inquiries. Futurist Shara Evans is happy to provide members of the press with opinions, commentary and information on all forms of emerging technologies and their impact on society.

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Market Clarity Press Releases

Market Clarity’s media centre is a dedicated resource for journalists and media outlets, providing archived media releases. See Shara’s dedicated futurist website for the latest news, speeches and articles.

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Market Clarity participates in a wide range of industry, media and charity events. Our photo gallery shows showcases some of our activities.

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