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Price Benchmark Research

Market Clarity conducts a range of service pricing analysis projects covering retail and wholesale services.

We’ve conducted a wide range of benchmarking projects, which allow us to offer robust pricing analysis for retail and wholesale telecommunications services. 

Pricing databases that we maintain on an ongoing basis include:

  • Dark Fibre — This database tracks and analyses dark fibre pricing from thirteen (13) fibre owners, and represents contractual price points obtained from both fibre owners and their customers. Prices are reported by distance band. (Last update 2016)
  • Wholesale Ethernet Point-to-Point Services — This wholesale pricing database tracks and analyses carrier pricing for end-to-end long- and short-haul Ethernet transmission services at speeds of 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps. In addition to providing a range of market tariffs, Market Clarity also provides the capacity price ($/Mbps) for each bandwidth speed. (Last update 2014)
  • Market Clarity’s NBN Co Bandwidth and Price Scenario Model — This dashboard-based scenario model calculates bandwidth and wholesale costs, as well as target retail prices on a POI-by-POI basis, for the full range of NBN Co residential and business Internet plans. (Initial NBN pricing structure).
  • Wholesale IP Transit Services — This wholesale pricing database tracks Australian IP Transit services pricing, as well as service prices and characteristics. Prices are tracked on a flat rate (bandwidth-based) and volume (price per GB) basis. (Last update 2011)
  • Wholesale Tower Rental Services — This wholesale pricing database tracks prices for access to radio communication tower facilities. Prices include site establishment, recurring fees and 15-Year TCO analysis for metro and regional tower configurations with cellular antennas at 30m altitude and at 50m altitude. (Last update 2011)
  • Retail ADSL Services Prices (Australia and New Zealand) — This retail pricing database tracks current and historical services pricing for ADSL services. In Australia, service pricing is tracked from 2006 onwards. In New Zealand, service pricing is tracked from 2010 onwards. Prices are tracked on a tariff and value (price per GB) basis. (Last update 2010)
  • Retail Mobile Data Services Pricing — This retail pricing database tracks mobile data pricing (non-handset) for 2011, on a tariff and value (price per GB) basis, and can be rapidly updated with current market prices. (Current retail pricing available)

Market Clarity can rapidly compile price comparison databases for the full spectrum of retail services to the extent that service pricing is published. In the residential and small business sector this includes a wide range of fixed voice, VoIP, mobile, and Internet services.

Market Clarity has a variety of historical business service pricing databases (fixed voice, mobile voice/data and data networking services), which can be updated with current service pricing on a customised basis.

Customised benchmarking options for services such as managed CPE, hosted PABX services, and many other items are also available.

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