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Market Clarity covers the Australian telecommunications market with insightful research, analysis and market intelligence.

Market Clarity is not aligned with any Carriers, Service Providers or Systems Integrators. As such, our primary market research findings are completely objective and based on the results of extensive industry interviews, technology research, and subsequent analysis by Market Clarity’s senior consulting staff.

Emerging Technology Research

Let Market Clarity show you how your business can harness emerging technologies for a disruptive competitive advantage. We’ll show you how you can save money, open up new lines of business, and solve problems using cutting edge technologies.

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Australian Telecoms Infrastructure Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise Telecoms Proximity Assessment
  • Australian Telecom Infrastructure Atlas 2012
  • Dark Fibre Connectivity Options
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NBN research

  • NBN Proximity
  • NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis
  • Understanding the Implications and Nuances of NBN Co Wholesale Pricing and POI Locations
  • Market Clarity NBN Bandwidth and Price Scenario Model
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Service Provider Research

  • Understanding the ISP and Voice Service Provider Market
  • The Australian MVNO Market
  • ISPs: The New Vanguard of Retail Voice Services
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Price benchmark research

  • Wholesale Ethernet Point-to-Point Services Price Benchmark
  • Dark Fibre Price Benchmark
  • Market Clarity NBN Bandwidth and Price Scenario Model
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Research Database Extracts

  • Australian Voice Services database
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services database
  • Australian Transmission Infrastructure databases
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