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Emerging Technology Research

Emerging-tech-canstockphoto18529303Let Market Clarity show you how your business can harness emerging technologies for a disruptive competitive advantage.

We’ll show you how you can save money, open up new lines of business, and solve problems using cutting edge technologies.

At Market Clarity, we specialise in helping our clients understand how emerging technologies can benefit their business. We’ll work with you to develop business cases, evaluate technologies and partners, assemble a product ecosystem, align project stakeholders, design pilot projects – and all the other things that go along with integrating innovative technologies into your business.

The first step in the process is to understand what’s new in the fast-moving world of technology, then brainstorm how this might apply to your industry or business.

We can help you understand what’s possible with our video consultation services.


New Trends and the Next Big Thing — Future Industries, Services and Products

Without a doubt, there are an amazing number of new technologies on the horizon, which will create a world 10 years from now that may – in many ways — be unrecognizable.

Not only will these technologies change the way we live our lives, but they also have the potential to completely transform industries such as manufacturing, transport and logistics, healthcare, agriculture and many others. Along the way, they’ll create new investment opportunities, new product categories, completely new jobs, and disrupt business as usual.

In this overview session, Market Clarity’s CEO, technology futurist Shara Evans explores emerging technologies and trends that will shape the world over the next 10 years. Topics covered include:

  • Augmented reality, facial recognition, voice interfaces, biometrics + 3D cameras — Changing the way we interface with our environment
  • Wearable, Implantable and Ingestible Devices — Enablers for a new of Generation of Healthcare Services?
  • 3D Printing — In the not-too-distant future everything from spare parts to body parts will be printable on demand
  • Home automation — Connecting to the Internet of Things
  • Sensor Networks — Instrumenting the Environment: A Key Enabler for Smart Cities
  • Air, Land + Sea: Expect to see Robots everywhere!
  • The Next Wave of Big Data — How Digital Avatars / AI will Transform Information Silos
  • Discussion on how emerging technologies can be applied to your industry / business


By showing how cutting edge technology developments can be leveraged by a wide range of industries, as well as identifying increasing risks in the area of data security and privacy, Shara will provide you with insights that will help you navigate the new world of ubiquitous connectivity.


Skype Video Consultation Description Price Ex GST GST Total Cost
1-1/4 hour video consultation, including:

  • 45-minute presentation on “New Trends and the Next Big Thing — Future Industries, Services and Products
  • 30-minute discussion on how these technologies can be applied to your business.
$500.00 $50.00 $550.00


Discover how the world will change over the next 10 years and beyond. Fuelled by insatiable curiosity, diligent research and the ability to connect cutting edge developments and trends into a holistic picture, Market Clarity’s CEO, technology futurist Shara Evans will help you understand how your company can take advantage of emerging technologies.