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Emerging Technology Research

Emerging Technology Research

Let Market Clarity show you how your business can harness emerging technologies for a disruptive competitive advantage. We’ll show you how you can save money, open up new lines of business, and solve problems using cutting edge technologies.

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Market Clarity is a leading commentator on telecommunications and emerging technologies, and is regularly sought by print, online, radio and television media to provide topical insights.

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About Us

Market Clarity is an award-winning technology analyst firm led by Shara Evans — an internationally acknowledged technology futurist, telecom industry expert, commentator, keynote speaker, strategy advisor and thought leader.

Market Clarity’s Future Tech research covers a wide range of technologies including new form factors for phones/devices, wearables, implantables, sensors, wireless technologies, holograms, augmented reality, home automation (and the many different types of Internet-connected devices within homes), drones (transport industry, spying, hacking), robotics, cars of the future, 3D printing, privacy, and the next wave of innovation.

The firm is known for tracking telecommunications infrastructure, services and technology trends, and providing strategic advice that is based on a deep understanding of market forces and emerging technologies.