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Informing Small Business: Examining fixed phone and broadband products

Informing Small BusinessNew research from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) found that telecommunications packages for small businesses are not adequately aligning to small business needs in today’s digital economy. The research report, Informing Small Business, consists of a study examining the current small business market offerings and a survey of 200 small businesses to assess their behaviour and experiences. The report was funded by ACCAN and authored by Market Clarity.


Download (File Size: 5.4 MB) Informing Small Business: Examining fixed phone and broadband products (links to ACCAN website, report is downloadable at bottom of page)

Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience

MC_Small_Biz_2013_WebNew research by Market Clarity has found nearly 29% of small businesses owners are suffering the same customer service and complaint-handling problems experienced by general consumers, even though the vast majority are paying for business-grade services. The study, Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience, demonstrates that small businesses are readily embracing the digital economy, with 92% of the 260 respondents using 3-5 distinct telecommunications service types (fixed voice, fixed broadband, VoIP, mobile voice, mobile broadband and EFTPOS). While the vast majority of business customers are for the most part satisfied with the overall quality of their telecommunications services, the study highlights significant customer service and complaint-handling problems, with a staggering 45% of respondents making a complaint to at least one of their providers in the past year.

Download (File Size: 9.6 MB) Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience

Understanding the Trans-Tasman Broadband Value Gap: ISP Costs in Australia and New Zealand

ISP Costs2 thumbnailAlthough New Zealand ISPs have been introducing higher-quota plans over the last year, Australian consumers still enjoy larger data allowances. In Understanding the Trans-Tasman Broadband Value Gap, Market Clarity presents research into the cost base of ISPs in both countries. We were surprised to find that Australian ISPs spend more of their ARPU on network costs than their New Zealand counterparts. We believe that differences in service offerings between the two countries may be more influenced by the more intense competition in the Australian market.

Download Understanding the Trans-Tasman Broadband Value Gap: ISP Costs in Australia and New Zealand

Closing the Trans-Tasman Broadband Value Gap: Comparing Prices in Australia and New Zealand

Trans-Tasman BB thumbnailThe New Zealand broadband market has become more competitive over the last year, with growing plan allowances, but how does this compare to the Australian market? This new analysis from Market Clarity compares plan prices and data allowances in close to 200 broadband plans offered by 11 leading ISPs in Australia and New Zealand, to compare the price per GB of data available to consumers in the two countries. Between 2010 and 2011, New Zealand ISPs began using larger data allowances as their competitive weapon, and started closing the gap that separated the Australian and New Zealand broadband markets.

Download Closing the Trans-Tasman Broadband Value Gap: Comparing Prices in Australia and New Zealand

The Cost of Mobility – Comparing the Value of Fixed and Mobile Broadband Services

cost of mobility thumbnailOn a per-Gigabyte downloaded basis, mobile broadband remains far more expensive than fixed Internet services. Market Clarity has analysed fixed services covering more than 90 percent of the Australian market, and compared the per-GB cost of these to mobile broadband services from Australia’s major providers.


Download The Cost of Mobility – Comparing the Value of Fixed and Mobile Broadband Services

Broadband Download Behaviour in Australia – the Disconnect Between Allowance and Usage

BB Download thumbnailEven before the “Terabyte wars” erupted in Australia, users were enjoying more generous broadband download allowances than ever before. But do we use what the plan allows? Market Clarity has compared the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Internet Activity, Australia data to our in-house modelling of residential broadband customer purchase behaviour. The surprising conclusion is that average Australian broadband subscribers only use around15% of their allowance – we’re enjoying a bonanza of broadband allowances!

Download Broadband Download Behaviour in Australia

Communications Alliance: Australia’s IPv6 Readiness Study

BB Download thumbnailMarket Clarity prepared this study for the Communications Alliance to assess Australia’s market readiness to adopt IPv6, identify existing obstacles to IPv6 adoption, and identify actions which may be necessary to facilitate the migration to IPv6.


Download Communications Alliance: IPv6 Readiness Report


LeadWest Report: Telecommunications in Melbourne’s West

leadwest thumbnailMarket Clarity assisted Eckermann & Associates with a geospatial analysis of telecommunications infrastructure in the Victorian Councils of Brimbank, Maribyrnong, Melton, Moonee Valley and Wyndham; and is available for download.



Download LeadWest Report

Engineers Australia: Telecommunications Infrastructure Report Card (14 December 2007)

report card 2007 thumbnailAn assessment of Australia’s fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure – Featuring Research from Market Clarity’s Telecoms Infrastructure Database.



Download Engineers Australia: Telecommunications  Infrastructure Report Card

Broadband Wars: the OECD’s International Broadband Arms Race (May 2007)

bb wars thumbnailMarket Clarity has sourced more than 60 original research documents covering broadband adoption in all 30 OECD nations to re-assess the methodological and data accuracy of the OECD’s ranking of broadband adoption among member countries.


Download Broadband Wars: The OECD’s International Broadband Arms Race


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