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Service Provider Research

Please Note: This page is for Archive Purposes Only – Last Updated in 2012 due to  our focus on Emerging Technologies.

Market Clarity tracks a wide range of Service Provider facts and figures.

  • Data Services — This database includes directories of more than 100 carriers and service providers offering non-Internet data transmission services, covering Leased Line services, Frame Relay services, ATM services, Private IP or IP/MPLS services, Ethernet services, Dark Fibre services and a variety of value-added data services. The information tracked in these databases includes QoS methodologies, tariff structures, target markets and much more.
  • Wholesale Internet Access — 60 Wholesale ISP connectivity services and “Virtual ISP” services are tracked, along with the technologies (such as DSL, HFC, Satellite and Wireless) over which the wholesale services are offered.
  • Voice Trends — Tracking Australian and international trends for fixed voice, mobile, and VoIP services and technologies.
  • Internet Trends — Tracking Australian and international trends for broadband services and technologies.
  • Data Trends — Tracking Australian and international trends for data services and technologies.

We offer a wide range of service provider information in database format.

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