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Market Clarity Newsletter

Improving Australia’s Infrastructure Policy

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

One unexpected outcome from all the work involved in preparing the Market Clarity Telecom Infrastructure Atlas for publication was how well it illustrates the relationship between telecommunications infrastructure and other infrastructure – the way that systems such as backhaul fibre networks follow pre-existing corridors wherever possible.

Scoping Australia’s VoIP Services Market

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

Australia has over a million VoIP users, but anybody wishing to assess the importance of the VoIP Services market, quantify its current value, and predict its future value needs to start by answering one question: Just how do you count “users”? Defining users is not a trivial task, but it remains a challenge that anybody wanting to scale and forecast a market has to deal with. If we come up with the wrong definition of “user”, our current measurements lose credibility, and likewise our forecasts.

Broadband Geo-Economics in Australia

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

Broadband has now overtaken dial-up as the dominant means for Australians to access the Internet. While in overall population terms Australia has only a moderate broadband penetration, more than half of Australia’s Internet users are now on broadband services. As of June 2006, Market Clarity identified 3.52 million broadband SIOs (services in operation) compared to just 2.81 million dial-up SIOs.

Annodex, a New Way to Work with Video

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

One of the great pleasures of my professional life is to serve on the steering committee of CeNTIE, a role that keeps me in contact with the very best in Australian advanced networking research. At a recent CeNTIE meeting, I had the good fortune to hear from Dr Sylvia Pfeiffer, currently on unpaid secondment to a venture capital firm looking to commercialise CSIRO’s Annodex technology. Here, we explain what Annodex is — and why it’s exciting.

VoIP Security: The Network is the Issue

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

The problems with VoIP security start with a fundamental difference between what you expect a telephone to do, and what you expect a computer to do. The chief risks in the old world of the PSTN were interception, which still remains a risk in the world of VoIP; and the hijacking of infrastructure to make unauthorised calls (such as using tone signalling to trick old carrier switches into providing calls for free, or using paths into PABXs to make your calls on someone else’s bill).

The Changing Voice Market

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter

You only have to look at Internet politics in the US to see how attached people have become to their Internet utilities: AOL’s proposal to offer premium-priced preferential treatment for some outbound e-mail generated a storm which hasn’t died down yet (such things already exist in Australia, and have done for at least a few years, but nobody seems to notice).