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Enterprise Services: Telecoms Proximity Assessments

Please Note: This page is for Archive Purposes Only – Last Updated in 2016 due to our focus on Emerging Technologies. We can still conduct telecoms analysis based on our existing GIS data set.

Telecommunications is vital to the competitive edge of the enterprise.

All too often, companies seeking out locations for new operations leave telecommunications until late in their planning. 

Market Clarity can conduct service proximity assessments for enterprise customers, providing detailed analysis of which carriers service your proposed locations, and how far a new facility may be from existing telecoms infrastructure.

Market Clarity is also tracking the NBN rollout in geospatial format, which we routinely cross-correlate with other types of infrastructure such as fibre, mobile, fixed wireless and DSL, as well as specific locations such as customer sites. Understanding when and where the NBN will be available relative to enterprise / government locations, allows organisations to take a strategic view on when and how the NBN will impact their network, and forthcoming telecoms procurement initiatives.

Benefits to enterprise customers include:

  • Service Choice — By knowing where telecom facilities are located relative to your office locations, you can ensure the widest possible choice of carrier technologies and services.
  • Rapid Deployment — By locating close to key infrastructure, enterprises can ensure the timely rollout of new telecommunications services to their business sites.
  • Cost and Scalability — Pulling fibre is expensive, and for locations where fibre hasn’t already been installed, the customer is typically responsible for funding any new fibre builds. Enterprises that locate new facilities close to existing fibre can get access to scalable high-speed services at far more competitive rates.
  • New Facilities — By locating your facilities where multiple infrastructure owners can service them, you can ensure the largest possible field of competitors for your business services. It makes sense to check out the telco environment before investing in new real estate.

With telecommunications infrastructure data covering tens of thousands of locations in Australia, and with databases of NBN, ADSL, SHDSL, fibre, wireless and mobile infrastructure locations, Market Clarity can help your business identify locations where you’ll have the widest possible choice of carriers and technologies.

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