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Dark Fibre Connectivity Options

Dark Fibre Connectivity Options – July 2010

While the NBN will change the face of the access network, ISPs and carriers still need to consider their backhaul options.

Market Clarity has produced a report that examines fibre connectivity options for a selected set of 353 ADSL-enabled exchanges.

The report examines the proximity to these exchanges of fibre POPs operated by 11 fibre infrastructure owners.

The proximity analysis identifies whether a given fibre owner is believed to have a POP within 500 metres and 1 Km of each of these exchanges.

These providers were identified as being amenable, in Market Clarity’s opinion, to selling dark fibre services to DSLAM owners.

The report, available for $14,500, was sponsored by Internode. It is delivered as a password-protected Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


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