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NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis

Please Note: This page is for Archive Purposes Only – Last Updated in 2012 due to NBN not publishing GIS data, and our focus on Emerging Technologies. We can still prepare maps based on our existing GIS data set (last update 2016).

NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis

Market Clarity has produced a standardised demographic (Census) analysis that we can apply to all NBN rollout areas that have published maps (current build, scheduled builds).

Combining our existing GIS capabilities, we offer analysis that includes:

  • Number of people and households in the NBN footprint
  • Household composition (age breakdowns)
  • Families with children (single and two-parent families)
  • Median household income
  • Median household mortgage
  • Median household rent
  • Median household disposable income (median income minus housing
  • Home ownership (rent, mortgage, own)
  • Country of origin (Australia, overseas)
  • Education levels (including breakdowns of current school, TAFE, University students)
  • Language spoken at home (English, other)
  • English as native language
  • Employment summary
  • Type of Internet connection

All information is drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census.

The research is delivered in Excel spreadsheet format, and also includes a map of each area that is analysed.

For each area, two Census analyses are included, reflecting the changing NBN catchment areas as the rollout in each geography progresses in accordance with map data that is available from NBN:

  1. Current release site information
  2. Analysis of NBN planned rollout (to the extent information is available from NBN)

Market Clarity believes this information will be valuable to anyone interested in understanding the target markets for retail NBN services during the early years of the rollout. Customers for our NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis will include Retail Service Providers, policy-makers, and marketing professionals.

Standard demographic analysis can be ordered from Market Clarity (per NBN Fibre Rollout Area). Each analysis includes a map of the target rollout area, and a spreadsheet showing each demographic parameter, along with its relationship to the rest of Australia.

Note: As of 2015, NBN no longer publishes GIS maps. This analysis is therefore only available to NBN partner organisations.

Custom options:

Market Clarity can also add an analysis of any other Census or infrastructure items as relevant to our clients.

For example, on a custom basis, we could include Telstra exchange boundaries, noting where DSLAMs have been deployed, and calculating Census data for households that fall within various distance bands from the exchange (such as 1, 2, 3 Km). An analysis such as this would allow identification of specific areas (and the demographic characteristics of these households) as they correspond to the NBN rollout; for example, households that are within the NBN footprint, but less than 3 km from a DSLAM-enabled Telstra Exchange (households that have existing fixed broadband connections), and households outside of this area (demographics for areas where the NBN is bringing new fixed broadband connectivity).

This type of information could feed into customised marketing campaigns for each of the areas where NBN is rolling out fibre, or used for a variety of reporting purposes.

Report Pricing

Report Description Price
NBN Rollout Demographic Analysis (per NBN Fibre Rollout Area) POA
Additional Customised Demographic or Infrastructure Analysis POA

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