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NBN Proximity Assessment

Please Note: This page is for Archive Purposes Only – Last Updated in 2012 due to NBN not publishing GIS data, and our focus on Emerging Technologies. We can still prepare maps based on our existing GIS data set.

NBN Proximity Assessment

The continuing rollout of the National Broadband Network will have increasing importance to Australian businesses. To help businesses plan for their own transition to the National Broadband Network, Market Clarity is now offering an NBN Proximity Analysis service.

Understanding when and where the NBN will be available relative to enterprise / government locations, allows organisations to take a strategic view on when and how the NBN will impact their network, and forthcoming telecoms procurement initiatives.

We are able to take any set of geo-coded locations (that is, locations supplied with latitude-longitude data) and provide a short-turnaround analysis of those locations relative to live, in-build, one-year and three-year rollout areas.

This analysis can indicate whether your business locations lie within an announced rollout area or, if not, their distance to an announced rollout area.

Information on Market Clarity’s geospatial analysis capabilities are available on request and we would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.

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