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In the News – 2010-2011

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13 December 2011
Sen Stephen Conroy: National Press Club Address

05 December 2011
Voice and Data: Carrier ethernet becomes a de facto standard for the cloud

21 November 2011
GNT: Datacentre Transformation “Changes Economies and Business Models”

16 November 2011
Wall St Journal Market Watch: From Bad Boy Hacker to Founder and CTO of Silicon Valley “hot start-up” Palo Alto Networks – Nir Zuk Launches NetEvents 2011 APAC Summit

07 November 2011
Computerworld: NBN Co’s fixed CVC pricing comes under criticism, again

23 September 2011
Anything Goes: NBN Pricing

20 September 2011
Telecom Paper: Broadband value better in Australia than New Zealand – study

20 September 2011
Business Day: Broadband value still over ditch

20 September 2011
The Dominion Post: Aussies get better broadband value than Kiwis

20 September 2011
Yahoo! New Zealand Business: Broadband deals still better over the ditch

19 September 2011
Rural Connect: Look over the Ditch for the broadband way ahead

19 September 2011
Idealog: Pesky trans-Tasman broadband gap persists

16 September 2011
Computerworld NZ: NZ telco market catching up to Australia: report

14 September 2011
Computerworld: Competition driving down NZ broadband prices

14 September 2011
iTWire: Kiwi ISPs bridging broadband gap with Australia

14 September 2011
Geekzone: Are Kiwi ISPs catching up with Australia?

15 June 2011
Computerworld: Southern Cross Cable director answers the critics

15 June 2011
Geekzone: Southern Cross committed to Ultra Fast Broadband and National Broadband Network

25 May 2011
Smart Company: Report claims expensive wireless networks mean wired better alternative for NBN

24 May 2011
Business Video News: Price gap denies wireless win over wired

24 May 2011
Computerworld: Cost of mobile broadband up to 1333 times fixed services

23 May 2011
CRN: Huge mobile broadband charges boost NBN case

23 May 2011
Gizmodo: Mobile Broadband Can Cost Up To 1,333 Times Fixed Line Broadband

23 May 2011
iTWire: How to pay $1m per gigabyte for mobile data…

23 May 2011
ARN: Analyst-Mobile broadband up to 1333 times more expensive than fixed-line broadband

18 May 2011
The Drum, ABC News 24: John Barron hosts a discussion panel show about the NBN

19 April 2011
ZDNet: NBN won’t kill 1TB plans – NBN Co

11 April 2011
News Blaze: TATA detects sweet spot in Cloud services to SMEs at NetEvents APAC Summit

10 April 2011
Video: NetEvents Summit – Unified Communications, The Marriage of Next Generation Devices and Appliances

17 March 2011
The Register: Download data versus piracy claims: the figures don’t add up

10 March 2011
ZDNet: Twisted Wire – The need for more air

23 February 2011
ZDNet: Vodafone upgrade keeps it in LTE race

22 February 2011
Communications Alliance calls for a National Digital Economy Roadmap

22 February 2011
Delimiter: VHA network investment FTW, say analysts

15 February 2011
The Australian: Service providers wring more speed out of copper networks

28 January 2011
Gizmodo: What Happened With The NBN This Week?

25 January 2011
Computerworld: Download shortages no argument against NBN

16 January 2011
iTWire: Broadband users have more gigabytes than they know what to do with

13 January 2011
Broadband Expert: Australians only use small percentage of monthly broadband quota

12 January 2011
Lifehacker: How Often Do You Exceed Your Monthly Broadband Quota?

12 January 2011
ARN: Gap between broadband data allowance and data usage widens

12 January 2011
PC and Tech Authority: What will we do with all that download quota when the NBN rolls down our street?

11 January 2011
Delimiter: Australians using just 15 percent of broadband quota

11 January 2011
ZDNet: Aussies only use 15% of broadband quota

11 January 2011
iTWire: Australians using just 15 percent of broadband quota

26 November 2010
ARN: Telco NBN bill passes Senate – what now

02 November 2010
ARN: How reasonable is Turnbull’s NBN Transparency Bill?

26 October 2010
The Australian: NBN could compete with backhaul providers

24 August 2010
The Australian: NBN gets mixed reviews in vital seats

24 August 2010
The Australian: NBN important to regions ‘but you can’t eat it’

19 August 2010
ARN: 1TB plans: That’s huge, but who’s going to use it?

29 July 2010
ARN: ISPs doubt impact of new Australia-US fibre link

20 July 2010
Computerworld: What the ICT industry wants: Telecommunication analysts

12 July 2010
Computerworld: Analysts back upgrade to APCN2

05 July 2010
Computerworld: Telstra fibre not enough: NBN Co

23 June 2010
Computerworld: Telstra-NBN Co deal opens up 6m kms of fibre

26 March 2010
Tech Target ANZ: The world of contestable backhaul

25 March 2010
Computerworld: NBN implementation study won’t be anything new – Analysts

15 January 2010
ZDNet: Exetel on ACMA: No demand for 100Mbps