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Market Clarity News: Mobile Trends

Market Clarity News: Mobile Trends

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter 07 Mar 2014

In this month’s Newsletter we’re focusing on mobile trends and measuring mobile network coverage. Topics include:

  • The Rise Of Enterprise BYOD
  • Hot Sector in 2014: Mobile Device Management
  • The Role of Mobile Apps in Measuring Mobile Network Performance
  • Mobile Pulse Community Assessment
  • New Research
  • Upcoming Events

The world is going increasingly mobile. In 2011 smartphones outsold laptops, and in 2013 numerous analyst firms were predicting that tablets would outsell computers (including desktops and laptops) before the end of the year.

So with the obvious rise in popularity of mobile devices and tablets in society as a whole, it was only going to be a matter of time before these devices became increasingly integrated into the business world.

In this issue we present: 13 Factors To Consider When Implementing And Managing A Successful BYOD Strategy.