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Market Clarity: Looking at the Future of Home Automation

Market Clarity: Looking at the Future of Home Automation

Posted by Shara Evans in Market Clarity Newsletter 03 Jul 2014

In this month’s Newsletter we present findings from our latest Future Tech research. Topics include:

  • About this Month’s Future Tech 2024 Research
  • An Interview with Daniel Friedman — Ninja Blocks
  • Convenience — At What Cost?
  • Women on Boards Success Series
  • Upcoming Events

Growing up, one of my Saturday morning indulgences was watching the futuristic life of the Jetsons — featuring elaborate robotic contraptions, flying cars, aliens, holograms, and an assortment of whimsical inventions. Little did I imagine that decades later I’d be interviewing the founder of a company that’s actually trying to build the home of the Jetsons — an actual smart home. In my discussion with Daniel Friedman, the CEO of Ninja Blocks, we talk about the many things that will be required to make an intelligent home a reality, as well as the role that crowd sourcing plays in funding and launching innovative products.

The other topic explored in this month’s newsletter is the nexus of privacy, security and what we’re willing to give up for convenience.