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Events: 2006-2010

Public Speaking Engagements: 2006 – 2010


Communications Policy Research Forum

Sydney, 15-16 November 2010 

Australia’s Wireless Market – Analysing NBN Co Deployment Plans

Understanding the way Australia’s broadband services relate to the distribution of Australia’s population is crucial to understanding the challenges faced by the NBN. How well can we identify where Australia’s under-served households are, and how well do we understand their communications needs?

Drawing on Market Clarity’s extensive geo-analysis of telecoms infrastructure in Australia, Shara Evans will look at how population distribution already affects telecommunications service deployment – and how this relates to the plans announced by NBN Co to date.

Shara will be speaking on Monday 15 November.


Terrapin Telecoms World Australia 2009

7 September – 9 September 2009

Telecoms World Australia will cover themes including the Next Generation Networks, National Broadband Network and industry outlook, strategies, and future service.

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will be moderating and chairing various panel discussions during the 3-day conference:

  • Is the telco industry recession proof?
  • The regulation and ownership of content – is this the new regulatory battlefield?


Financial Review Broadband Conference 2009

7 July 2009
The Westin Sydney

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will be presenting at the “Financial Review Broadband Conference 2009” – an event focusing on the business users of a broadband network ranging from finance to consumer services, health, education and marketing and media.

Shara Evans will be mainly focusing on the correlation of broadband access to fibre ownership and its importance to business users, illustrated with Market Clarity’s latest Telecom Infrastructure Mapping Research.


Informa Broadband Australia 2009

11 June – 12 June 2009
Sydney Harbour Marriott

Informa’s fourth annual conference will encompass topics from the National Broadband Network to current broadband infrastructure, services and delivery.

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will share her insight on the importance of backhaul in regional Australia.


CommsDay Summit 2009

31 March – 1 April 2009

CommsDay’s seventh annual conference will are feature an expanded format of separate technology streams as well as their stellar line-up of politicians, CEOs, global vendor leaders and technology experts.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will be chairing a one-day conference and will share insight on the current state of wireless broadband infrastructure in Australia.


ATUG 2009

13 March 2009
Australian Technology Park

Market Clarity is pleased to be an industry partner with ATUG.

ATUG 2009 on the 13th March 2009 will start the year with an update from the politicians, policy makers, finance, market and technology experts and industry regulators on the issues that they will be dealing with in 2009 and the impacts end users need to consider.


Kickstart Forum 2009

22-23 Feburary 2009
Hyatt Regency, Sanctury Cove Resort
Manor Circle, Sanctury Cove

Kickstart Forum is a three-day conference that is attended by over 50 of Australia’s most important technology journalists, which comprises keynote speeches, Six Big Ideas sessions and PR sessions.

We’ll be presenting highlights from Market Clarity’s Telecom Infrastructure Atlas 2009.


Terrapinn Broadband World Australia 2008

5-7 November 2008
Sydney Harbour Marriott

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will be moderating a panel session on Business Models For Wireless Broadband at the Broadband World Australia 2008 conference – an event dedicated to examining the role of advanced broadband networks in enabling Next-Gen services and applications targeted at business and the residential consumers.

Key issues for this panel include:

  • How wireless services will revolutionise communications infrastructure;
  • How wireless services fit in with the National Broadband Network;
  • How wireless services will precipitate the bundling of voice, data, internet and broadcasting technologies; and
  • How the latest wireless developments will impact service provider quad-play offerings.


Terrapinn Unified Comms Conference

17-19 June 2008
Amora Jamison

Unified Communications Australia 2008 is an executive level forum where local and global experts will come together to discuss the key issues, and pioneer best practice solutions.

The aim of the conference is to identify strategies to prepare organisations to evaluate the business case, understand the technology challenges and take advantage of the opportunities provided by unified communications.

Market Clarity is Terrapinn’s research partner for this event, and our CEO, Shara Evans will be presenting at the conference.


Tonkin Australian Broadband Conference

28 April 2008 to 1 May 2008
The Grace Hotel

2008 will see the most important decision taken in the field of communications since the sale of Telstra in 1997. At stake is the future of telecommunications, IT and services and our ability to remain competitive in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

Australian Broadband will go to the heart of the major issues. We will be scrutinising the different models and evaluating what is likely and what is possible. We will be assessing different technologies and forecasting their ultimate role in the creation of a new system.

Perhaps most importantly we will be considering the future of telecommunications regulation in Australia. Most stakeholders have the same overall goal and a competitive environment can only serve to deliver the best possible price to the consumer. Achieving this will very much depend on the right level of involvement from Government and regulatory bodies.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will share her insight on the current state of play of broadband in Australia.

  • Where broadband infrastructure is and isn’t
  • New technologies on the horizon
  • What do we need to do to remain competitive with overseas broadband deployments
  • What about an Australian Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network?
  • The changing face of Australian broadband services


CommsDay Summit

15-16 April 2008

CommsDay’s sixth annual conference will are feature an expanded format of separate technology streams as well as their stellar line-up of politicians, CEOs, global vendor leaders and technology experts.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will share insight on the current state of fibre infrastructure in Australia.


ATUG 2008

12-13 March 2008
Australian Technology Park
Bay 4, Locomotive Workshop Eveleigh

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will be moderating a high power panel consisting of vendors, operators and end-user organisations on “Technology Futures FTTH.” Shara’s opening address will set the scene with commentary on recent technology and service developments, spiced with insights from Market Clarity’s research findings.

Key topics include:

  • What do network operators think about an Australian FTTH network?
  • What’s happening overseas?
  • Why should end users care?
  • Where is the business case?
  • Where is world’s best practice?
  • What are the regulatory issues?


Australia’s Telecommunications Infrastructure: A Report Card by Engineers Australia

28 February 2008
Engineers Australia Auditorium

Over the period 2000 to 2005, Engineers Australia produced a series of Infrastructure Report Cards at a national, State and Territory level. These Report Cards assessed the planning, management, funding and provision of Australia’s transport, water and energy infrastructure. In 2006 Engineers Australia commenced a project to produce an ICT Infrastructure Report Card.

Engineers Australia commissioned Market Clarity, a telecommunications analyst firm, to develop a report on fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure and work with Engineers Australia to determine a series of rankings for Australian statistical divisions according to the availability of telecommunications infrastructure. The Report Card covers fixed infrastructure related to telecommunications transmission and access networks, and to mobile networks.

In this presentation Dr Alan McPhail, Chairman, EA ITEE College Board and Telecommunications Report Card Steering Committee, will provide a background to the Telecommunications Report Card and the process which was followed to develop the report including the challenging process of appropriate metrics for each element of infrastructure and the presentation of the metrics in the form of the rankings for the telecommunications infrastructure.

Shara Evans will describe Market Clarity’s extensive Telecommunications Infrastructure Database used to support the development of the report for Engineers Australia. Shara will also provide updated information based on further research conducted by Market Clarity over the past 12 months. Shara’s presentation will include new geospatial maps depicting Australian broadband infrastructure.


CommsDay LIVE: The post-poll telecom agenda

3 December 2007
9 am to 5:30 pm
L’Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf

The next parliamentary term will likely see a new minister and radical changes to telecom policy. Big questions that will influence the future of the telecom sector for over a decade will determined by the next government. What price for a fibre to the node network? Will we get fibre to the home? How will Opel’s deployment affect the economics of backhaul and broadband? Will Telstra succeed in its campaign for relaxed regulations?

Find out what the industry thinks as CommsDay assembles a top line-up of carrier chiefs, lobbyists, analysts, regulatory specialists and technologists to discuss the impact of the new government – whoever it might be – on the telecom sector.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will share insight on the current state of the Australian telecoms market, key policy challenges for the Government in the post-election period, along with Market Clarity’s views on what we will see in the coming months.

Shara will also participate in a lively wrap-up panel session.


AusNOG2007: The Australian Network Operator Group Conference

15-16 November 2007
Harbours Edge, Event Center
Harourside Shopping Complex
Darling Drive, Darling Harbour

AusNOG will provide an avenue for network operators of all kinds to meet, discuss and exchange ideas related to the industry with specific relevance to the coming 6-12 months. The conference has a technical, operational and business focus.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will share insight on the current state of the Australian Internet and VoIP services market in her “State of the Market” presentation. Shara’s talk will draw upon Market Clarity’s extensive databases and will include:

  • Key facts and figures on the rollout of broadband infrastructure in Australia – including new GIS-based maps of telecoms infrastructure
  • Assessing the impact of infrastructure-based initiatives
  • Key facts and figures on the Aussie VoIP market, and the correlation between broadband infrastructure and VoIP services


Terrapinn WiMAX Summit

23-25 October 2007
Sydney Harbour Mariott, Sydney 

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will be participating on several panel sessions.

Market Clarity’s Research Manager, Richard Chirgwin will look at the future for wireless broadband delivery. His address will look at how technologies such as WiMAX and 3G will reshape the Australian telecommunications landscape. Topics will include:

  • Evaluating the success of network deployments for both technologies
  • The potential for the emergence of a standard to rival both 3G and WiMAX
  • How will coverage and capacity issues impact on the comparative success of these wireless services?


Communications Policy & Research Forum 2007

24-25 September 2007
UTS, Guthrie Theatre

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans is part of a panel discussing international broadband adoption comparisons between Australia and other countries. The panel will be chaired by Peter Gerrard, Editor-in-Chief of the Telecommunications Journal of Australia.


Terrapinn IMS Australia 2007

28-30 August 2007
Afmora Jamison

Market Clarity Research Manager, Richard Chirgwin, is chairing the “Outlining a Profitable Fixed Mobile Convergence Strategy Driven by IMS” panel discussion on Day 1 of the conference. The panel will look at:

  • What is driving fixed and mobile operators to deploy IMS?
  • How soon will this market develop in Australia and why?
  • Examining customer demand and potential services
  • How will ARPU likely change over time?


ATUG Wireless Workshop – What WiMAX Means For End Users

15 August 2007
4:00pm – 6:00pm
KPMG Building
Level 15, 10 Shelley St

Market Clarity Research Manager, Richard Chirgwin will provide an introduction to the WiMAX discussion, putting WiMAX technology into the context of the Australian broadband debate.


Uecomm Hot Topics: Broadband 2007 – Leveraging High-Speed Networks

31 July 2007 – Melbourne, VIC
1 August 2007 – Brisbane, QLD
1 August 2007 – Gold Coast, QLD
2 August 2007 – Sydney, NSW

The broadband debate is red-hot. Everyone seems to agree that increasingly high sped networks are required. But how can businesses take advantage of the broadband revolution? What speeds are really required?

In this seminar, Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will examine the “need for speed” in a business context:

  • The applications driving current and future take-up of high-speed connectivity
  • The correlation between applications and bandwidth requirements
  • Collaborative technologies and business transformation
  • The impact of Web 2.0 applications
  • What could we do with unlimited bandwidth?
  • Broadband in Australia — do we have what it takes to do business in the 21st century?


Terrapinn VoIP World Australia 2007

24-25 July 2007
Hilton Hotel

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans is Chairing the “VoIP For Service Providers Stream” on Day 1 of the conference. During the day, Ms. Evans will be facilitating discussion groups and providing commentary on:

  • Will 2007 be the year of VoIP fireworks?
  • Facts and Figures about the Australian VoIP market
  • Positioning VoIP in the context of fixed and mobile voice services
  • Converged telecommunications status: Where are we in Australia?
  • VoIP business models and marketing — lessons from the trenches
  • How will incumbents take up the VoIP challenge?

Award Winning

Communications Alliance and CommsDay Awards 2007

19 July 2007
Four Seasons Hotel
199 George Street

Market Clarity is thrilled to announce that we have been short-listed for the Services to the Industry — Professional Services Award at this years’ Communications Alliance / CommsDay ACOMMS Awards.

The Awards dinner is to be held on 19 July 2007 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. We look forward to seeing you there!


CeBIT: VoIP and IP Comms Expo and Conference

Expo: 1-3 May 2007
Conference: 2 May 2007
Darling Harbour

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans is the MC for the one-day “VoIP and IP Comms Conference,” which will examine the latest VoIP technologies, migration strategies, and successfully implementations of business solutions utilising VoIP and IP Communications. The conference will also reflect upon the impact to business structures, demonstrating value maximisation in a successful working environment. There will also be discussion into what the IP Comms future holds, relevant regulatory issues and insight into upcoming technologies.

Conference topics include:

  • Asterisk and your Business
  • How to do a Cost Benefit Analysis for VoIP
  • Pro’s and Con’s of various VoIP solutions for the SME Market
  • Strategy, Challenges, and Integration benefits of VoIP Migration
  • Integration Impact
  • VoIP Peering
  • VoIP over Satellite
  • VoIP & IP Comms, where the future lies, trends and upcoming technologies


CommsDay Summit 2007

3-4 April 2007
Sydney, Park Hyatt
Hickson Road, The Rocks

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will share insight on the current state of facilities-based competition in her speech: “Broadbanding Australia.” Shara’s talk will draw upon Market Clarity’s extensive Telecoms Infrastructure Database to illustrate:

  • The relationship between broadband access infrastructure (DSL, Wireless, HFC) to Australian population demographics
  • The competitive deployment of various broadband access technologies
  • The competitive deployment of backhaul fibre
  • And more!


Australian Telecommunications User Group: 2007 Annual Conference

7-8 March 2007
Australian Technology Park
Bay 4, Locomotive Workshop Eveleigh

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will be moderating a high power panel consisting of vendors, operators and end-user organisations on “Technology Futures – IP Communications Panel”. Shara’s opening address will set the scene with commentary on recent technology and service developments, spiced with insights from Market Clarity’s research findings.


CIO Magazine – Unified Communications: Accelerating Business Transformation through Connectivity, Collaboration and Control

14 February 2007
Four Seasons Hotel

16 February 2007
Crown Towers

The move to IP Telephony is well and truly underway, and organisations are reaping benefits that go well beyond a basic telephony deployment. Enterprises are using this investment as a platform for business process change by integrating the power of unified IP communications — presence, unified messaging, data collaboration, videoconferencing, mobility, virtualisation and more.

By understanding how other Australian organisations are taking advantage IP communications, CIOs and CFOs will gain a real-world perspective on how they can unlock the power of IP Telephony as a business transformation tool.

In this session, Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will share the results of Market Clarity’s review of over 100 Australian case studies, providing insight into how other organisations are leveraging their investment in Unified Communications. In her speech, “Unified Communications: More than Just VoIP” Shara will:

  • Describe key value-added components of an IP communications environment.
  • Present a collection of mini case studies and trends, which highlight how Australian businesses are leveraging the power of IP.


Digital Media World: Media 2.0

5-7 December 2006
Sydney Convention Centre
Darling Harbour

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will present a paper on “Broadband: Wired and Unwired” on Thursday 7 December.

As the reality of true mobile broadband distribution begins to take hold, how will technologies such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi and 3G reshape the Australian media landscape? Be prepared for a revolution in the wireless broadband market, and learn how this fits within the context of Australia’s dynamic telecommunications environment and fixed broadband alternatives.


Communications Alliance Forum: Headling VoIP

Wednesday 13th December, 2006
The American Club
131 Macquarie Street

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will provide the keynote speech for the Communications Alliance’s third VoIP Forum: “Overview of the Australian VoIP Market”

In this speech, Shara will draw upon Market Clarity’s latest VoIP research, providing the audience with the latest trends in the Australian VoIP services market.


Financial Review: Broadband Australia 2006

30 November -1st December 2006
Sydney Marriott Hotel

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will provide her views on the 3G versus WiMAX debate in what looks to be a lively panel session: “What is the solution for wireless broadband delivery?” Discussion topics include:

  • What are the key outcomes desired from a wireless broadband network?
  • Which of the available technologies is currently capable of delivering these?
  • The potential for the emergence of a standard to rival both 3G and WiMAX
  • How can the government ensure that effective allocation of bandwidth is achieved?
  • Reviewing the success of network deployments for both technologies abroad
  • How might coverage and capacity issues impact the success of either service?


ACIF Forum – Future Wireless

22 August 2006
1:30-6:00 pm
Baker & McKenzie
Level 27, 50 Bridge Street

What is the role of Wireless in the World of Next Generation Networks?

ACIF is holding a series of forums held to explore the operational, technical, regulatory and commercial issues surrounding wireless as Australia moves towards next generation networks.

Because Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves (rather than some form of wire) carry the signal over part or all of the communication path, our wireless forum will be exploring a broad range of ‘wireless’ topics, from fixed, mobile, and portable to broadband wireless.

ACIF will use the information gleaned from the Future Forums to identify the priority issues related to NGN access technologies and feed this into the development of Australia’s strategic framework for the NGN transition. By listening to the broad range of industry speakers and adding your voice to the discussion you will assist in building the future of Australian communications.

In her keynote address, Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will provide a market research oriented perspective on the Forum topics:

How is the industry going to achieve interoperability and interconnection between various wireless networks and other networks (mobile, fixed, alternate eg BPL)?

What are the issues specific to a wireless network impacting functionality and performance that collaborative industry action could/should address?


ATUG 2006 Satellite Forum

22 August 2006
Rooms 7ABC
The Australian Technology Park
Eveleigh NSW (Sydney)

In her keynote address, “The Australian Broadband Market – Positioning Satellite Services” Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will provide research insights on:

  • The Australian ISP Market
  • A Quick Review of Access Technologies
  • Broadband Plans: Price and Speed Competition
  • Satellite Services – A review of current offerings and prognosis for the future



30-31 August 2006

Before considering an MVNO it is essential to understand the current status and future direction of the Australian market, within both a local and global context. In her keynote address, “Market Overview: How Will MVNOs Reshape the Australian Telco Market?”, Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, will discuss the following:

  • Defining an MVNO
  • The MVNO ecosystem: MNOs [HNOs], MVNOs, MVNEs and content providers
  • The intersection of mobile (cell) services and wireless broadband — The emergence of 3G and WiMAX networks and their impact on the mobile industry
  • The projected impact of VoIP data and services
  • Overview of the Australian mobile services market – including trends and forecasts to 2010 (and service bundling impacts)


Terrapinn VoIP World Australia 2006

2-4 August 2006
Grand Hyatt
123 Collins Street

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans is Chairing the “VoIP For Business Users Stream” on Day 2 of the conference. During the day, Ms. Evans will be facilitating discussion groups and providing commentary on:

  • How Australian companies are using VoIP technology
  • Market trends and developments — killer VoIP applications
  • Reach and maturity of VoIP in Australia in comparison with the U.S., Europe and Asia
  • Attraction to VoIP — what are the benefits and catalysts to convert


Association and Communications Events: VoIP and IP Communications Summit 2006

31 July to 1 August 2006
Four Points Sheraton

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will present a paper on ” VoIP Market Futures.”

The forecast for Australian VoIP services:

  • Internet-based VoIP services
  • Hosted IP Telephony services

The Australian service provider market:

  • How many providers are there?
  • Who are the providers?
  • What market segments do they cover?
  • Can they all survive?

VoIP Peering:

  • What is VoIP Peering?
  • ACIF’s QoS-based VoIP inter-connectivity discussion paper
  • What does VoIP peering mean for enterprise and consumer customers?

Shara’s paper will draw on Market Clarity’s ongoing research on VoIP services, including market forecasts to 2011.


IIR Broadband over Power Lines in Australia

26-27 July 2006
Grace Hotel

BPL is just one of a growing menu of connectivity options for broadband carriers. How does it stack up for end users? In her keynote address, “Contrasting BPL to Other Technologies,” Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity, compares BPL technologies to DSL, wireless, cellular, and fibre service architectures.

  • Understanding BPL
  • Contrasting BPL to ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, HFC, FTTx, WiFi, WiMAX, Cellular
  • The availability of Australian services based on these technologies


SPAN Innovation Forum: Leveraging IP Infrastructure for Profit

18 May 2006
Edwin Flack Room
Freshwater Place
2 Southbank Boulevard
Southbank (Melbourne), Victoria 

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will open the Innovation Forum with her keynote address: “Broadband: An Analyst Perspective on the Top Opportunities and Impediments.” Focusing on the Australian market, Shara will present her list of the Top Opportunities and Impediments for service providers. Key factors to be considered in this analysis include infrastructure ownership, content ownership, QoS, peering, technical standards, the connection between consumer electronics and telecommunications, consumer trends, emerging applications and the regulatory environment.


IIR Telecommunications Marketing Conference

29-31 March 2006
Duxton Hotel

All too often, new telecommunications services fail because marketing is planned after the service is created. In this session, noted telecommunications analyst and consultant Shara Evans (CEO, Market Clarity) will discuss how to build marketing intelligence into the service from the start. Her presentation, Market Intelligence for Telecommunications Services” will draw on real-life examples in today’s market, covering:

  • Understanding market demographics
  • What’s the real size of the market?
  • How to build a profile of competitors’ services
  • Benchmarking current market prices
  • Understanding how to use competitive intelligence in positioning your product


Comms Day / Media Day Summit 2006

22-23 March 2006
Sebel Pier One, Sydney 

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will launch new research on the Australian VoIP services market: “Is There Money in VoIP?” Focusing on the Australian market, Shara will present her Market Clarity’s latest demographics and forecast research, covering:

  • Internet-based VoIP services: Demographics and Forecasts from 2004-2011.
  • Business grade VoIP services: demographics and forecasts from 2004-2011.


Australian Telecommunications User Group: 2006 Annual Conference

7-8 March 2006
Australian Technology Park 

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, will be presenting a paper on “Fixed Voice, Broadband, Mobile and VoIP Services: Perspectives on the Australian Market.” Shara’s talk drew upon Market Clarity’s latest research on the Australian voice services market, covering the following topics:

  • Fixed Voice Services
  • Basic Access Lines
  • Broadband: The Impact on the Fixed Voice Market
  • Fixed Line Calls
  • Mobile Voice and Data Services
  • Internet-based VoIP Services


Association and Communications Events: Wireless Australia 2006

28 February to 1 March 2006
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre 

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans, presented a paper on “The Australian Fixed Wireless Broadband Market.” Shara’s talk drew upon Market Clarity’s latest research on the Australian broadband market, covering areas such as:

  • Fixed Wireless Access Business Models
  • The Australian Wireless Market: Market Penetration and Changes from 2005
  • WiFi, WiMAX and 3G Service Directions


ACIF Seminar: Inter-Domain Traffic

Engineering and QoS
27 February 2006

Dr Vishal Sharma of Metanoia, Inc. presented a paper on Inter-Domain Traffic Engineering: Key Technical Aspects And Challenges. The presentation covered some of the main parts of inter-domain traffic engineering, the applications to extend L2 and L3 VPNs across providers and QoS issues, with Shara Evans of Market Clarity facilitating the discussion. Additional information is available on the ACIF website.

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