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Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience

Posted by Shara Evans in Blog, Press Releases

New research by Market Clarity has found nearly 29% of small businesses owners are suffering the same customer service and complaint-handling problems experienced by general consumers, even though the vast majority are paying for business-grade services.

The study also found 32% of small businesses say that even a one-hour fixed broadband outage would have a serious or “catastrophic” impact on their business, a figure that more than doubles in the event of a 24-hour outage.

Surprisingly, more than 50% of small businesses say they have no back-up plan if their fixed broadband went down.

Understanding the Trans-Tasman BB Gap

Posted by Shara Evans in Press Releases

The gap between Australian and New Zealand broadband allowances is more likely to be the result of competitive pressure than the underlying costs of service provision, according to new research by Sydney-based telecommunications analyst firm Market Clarity.

Closing the Trans-Tasman Broadband Gap

Posted by Shara Evans in Press Releases

The New Zealand broadband market has become more competitive over the last year, with growing plan allowances, but how does this compare to the Australian market? This new analysis from Market Clarity compares plan prices and data allowances in close to 200 broadband plans offered by 11 leading ISPs in Australia and New Zealand, to compare the price per GB of data available to consumers in the two countries. Between 2010 and 2011, New Zealand ISPs began using larger data allowances as their competitive weapon, and started closing the gap that separated the Australian and New Zealand broadband markets.

Australia’s Networks Mapped!

Posted by Shara Evans in Press Releases

Market Clarity’s Australian Telecom Infrastructure Atlas 2009, based on the company’s extensive Telecommunications Infrastructure Database, contains 341 maps showing backhaul fibre, long-haul microwave, ADSL, SHDSL, and fixed wireless broadband infrastructure at the national, state, and capital city inner and outer metropolitan levels.

ADSL2+ Holds Key to Immediate Need for Speed

Posted by Shara Evans in Press Releases

Launching the November 2008 edition of Market Clarity’s The Australian Internet Market: Market Tracker 2000-2013, Shara Evans, Australia’s foremost telecommunications forecaster and CEO of Market Clarity, said she expects higher speed services to continue dominating the broadband services market.